Data Analytics Unbounded

Introducing a Reinvented System 
Architecture Powered by 
Computational Memory

NeuroBlade is fundamentally changing how large data volume workloads are processed.

Analytics Results. Faster.

Central to NeuroBlade’s system architecture is the IMPU™ (Intense Memory Processing Unit) which harnesses the power of computational memory to enable faster and more efficient data processing.

By eliminating unnecessary data movement, NeuroBlade removes data bottlenecks that clog traditional CPUs and impede your data analytics performance.

image for Improved 
Improved Performance
image for Reduced Total Cost 
of Ownership
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
image for Efficiently 
Efficiently Scalable

NeuroBlade’s Revolutionary XRAM™ Computational Memory

Bringing Computation to Data

The XRAM™ is comprised of thousands of parallel processors embedded in its DRAM memory blocks. These processors enable the system to compute inside the memory itself, drastically reducing data movement, saving energy, and speeding up data analytics processing times.

Xiphos Appliance: Reinvented System Architecture

The Xiphos Appliance has a parallel, scalable, and programmable architecture that is optimized for accelerated data analytics, enabled through Terabytes-per-second of memory bandwidth.

Organizations run at the speed of their data. NeuroBlade is here to alter the pace of the race.

Now sampling the Xiphos appliance with select customers.

NeuroBlade is Growing!

We are here to power companies that drive change on a global scale. To provide the finest system for data analytics. To extract insights that really matter.

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