NeuroBlade’s Xiphos

Hypercompute for Data Analytics Workloads

System Architecture Reimagined. In Every Way.

NeuroBlade overcomes the problem of slow data analytics due to I/O bottlenecks, system bandwidth limitations, and insufficient compute power. NeuroBlade offers scalability while increasing computational efficiency by eliminating unnecessary data movement.

Processing Data Analytics Takes Too Long

The data we generate and consume is growing fast, very fast. Simultaneously, the time it takes for businesses to process and analyze data continues to grow.

The problem stems from the current memory-to-compute bandwidth ratio, where data analytics is limited by data movement. With more data being generated, existing solutions to this problem are not sustainable.

System Scaling On Its Own Does Not Solve The Problem

  • Performance is bounded

  • Diminishing return on Total Cost of Ownership

NeuroBlade’s Xiphos reinvents how large data volumes are computed

Introducing NeuroBlade’s Xiphos:

Query Acceleration

Industry-first Data-driven Architecture

Query acceleration

Industry first processor designed for optimal query performance – unmatched by modern CPUs and GPUs

Network Economy

Reduced data movement takes terabytes down to megabytes – and removes bottlenecks by processing data at NVMe speeds

Processing in Memory

Hyper efficient use of memory with processing done near-memory – limiting the most costly parts of the system
Query Acceleration

Key Features

Blazing Fast

Up to 100x performance improvement per dollar spent

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Leapfrog in performance/$ and
energy consumption metrics

Simple Integration

Seamlessly integrates with existing

Deployment Flexibility

From local on-premises deployment to distributed cloud environment

Robust Toolset

Integrated real-time software for monitoring, management, and programming


Comprehensive software suite, boosting performance and usability

NeuroBlade’s Insights™ Data Analytics Software Suite

The Insights™ Data Analytics software suite provides all needed software to enable high performance Data Analytics on Xiphos hardware and seamlessly integrate the existing ecosystem.

NeuroBlade’s Insights™ Data Analytics Software Suite


A Software toolset that includes a full development stack for compiling, debugging, monitoring and profiling of Xiphos code for performance optimization.

Performance Profiler

Real-time web-based GUI designed to monitor performance by measuring multiple program characteristics, collecting data statistics, and generating a report to aid program optimization.

Insights™ API

A comprehensive software suite for the Xiphos appliance. Running on top of the Runtime Environment, offering an optimal API layer for serving 3rd party applications, and NeuroBlade’s Web Client.

Query Compiler & RTE

Responsible for generating query execution plans and interpretation by the runtime environment. Optimizing workload split between Xiphos hardware resources, XRAMs, and on-host execution.

Data I/O

The Xiphos continuously runs an ETL process to populate and update its local storage devices while tracking the appliance storage structure.

Organizations run at the speed of their data. NeuroBlade is here to alter the pace of the race.

Now sampling Xiphos appliance with select companies.

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