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The SQL Processing Unit (SPU™)

The SPU is an industry-first processor architecture proven to accelerate high-throughput data analytics workloads.

How It Works

The SPU supports common columnar file formats.  When a query is pushed down from the query engine, the SPU directly processes the data files from local storage and outputs the results to the query engine in native query engine layouts.

How to Deploy

SQL Processing Unit (SPU™)

NeuroBlade SPU processes data at I/O speed, regardless of query complexity. The SPUs are installed as PCI-e cards that can be deployed in your data center.

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Take Analytics to the Next Level

  • Faster Queries, Lower Costs

    Get a 10-100x price performance boost that radically reduces the overhead of running
    effective analytics.   

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction

    Make analytics processing more sustainable by reducing power consumption and emissions
    by up to 85%.

  • Generate New Revenue Streams

    Analyze more data, gain deeper insights, and create a world of
    new possibilities to drive
    more business.

  • Scale Out Architecture

    Effortlessly scale out linearly to handle your largest
    analytics workloads.

  • Simple Integration

    Seamlessly integrate with any analytics platform through easy to use, open APIs.

  • Optimize Your AI/ML Stack 

    Prepare data sets faster, reducing training time and increasing
    model accuracy.

A world of data exploration awaits

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