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Unlocking Power of Data Analytics

As data volume explodes, the ability to analyze your data becomes the critical and growing gap, standing between your data and your priceless insights. 

At NeuroBlade we aim to unlock the power of query processing and bridge that gap, leading to a world of endless insights. 

Led by veterans of the systems, storage, and data analytics industries, NeuroBlade is building the SPU (SQL Processing Unit), the industry’s first, proven processor architecture that delivers orders of magnitude improvement over traditional CPU. 

Founded in 2018, backed by leading financial and strategic investors, and with over $100M in capital raised, NeuroBlade is headquartered in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto. 


  • Stage One
  • Grove Ventures
  • Intel Capital
  • Mediatek
  • Corner Ventures
  • UMC Capital
  • PSMC
  • Pegatron
  • Marubeni Ventures
  • Marius Nacht

NeuroBlade is Growing!

If you’re motivated to solve the toughest engineering challenges, help us build the future standard for data analytics.

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