Building the Next Generation of Data Acceleration Solutions

NeuroBlade is on a path to redefine an industry held back by the inability to analyze data in the speed and scale needed. We designed a complete multidisciplinary solution for Data Analytics acceleration.

NeuroBlade was established in 2018 with the stated goal of enabling faster time to insights by freeing analytics from data movement constraints.

It led to the creation of a whole new memory technology, XRAM™, that radically improves performance.
In 2020, NeuroBlade introduced the HEQS (Hardware Enhanced Query System), a hardware accelerator for data-driven workloads, which has set a new standard for query processing.

We’ve only just begun.

The NeuroBlade Team

Elad Sity Elad Sity
CEO, Co-Founder
Eliad Hillel Eliad Hillel
CTO, Co-Founder
Tzvia Broida Tzvia Broida
Chief Financial Officer
Lior Genzel Lior Genzel
Chief Business Officer
Priya Doty Priya Doty
Chief Marketing Officer
Krishna Maheshwari Krishna Maheshwari
Chief Product Officer
David Shamir David Shamir
VP Research & Development
Moran Sher Ronat Moran Sher Ronat
Chief People Officer
Nimrod Polonsky Nimrod Polonsky
Director of Operations and Program Management
Marc Banoun Marc Banoun
VP Software

NeuroBlade is Growing!

We are here to power companies that drive change on a global scale. To provide the finest system for data analytics. To extract insights that really matter.

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