Memory Bandwidth. On Steroids.

NeuroBlade XRAM™

Silicon Proven. First-of-Its-Kind Computational Memory Chip.

The Problem

The growing gap between data volume and our ability to process it. Or more precisely, the flow of data between storage, memory and processing.

The Solution

Processing inside memory. Leap over memory bottlenecks and eliminate unneeded data movement.
Just process. Faster.

Extreme Performance

Thousands of processors at unmatched bandwidth

Computation in Place

Processors and memory on a monolithic die

Reduced System Power  Consumption

Cut down on data movement and wasted power

XRAM™ Memory Technology

Tailor-Made for Low-Latency & High Bandwidth Applications.

Data Analytics teams are tasked with a whole new scale of workloads as data volume continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. An analysis of existing system architectures shows that data movement is the root cause of processor bottlenecks and slow response time.

What is needed is an new, innovative computational architecture that eliminates data movement requirements, therefore improving analytics performance.

x50 Faster

compared to DDR5
Memory Module

Random access
at Sequential
access speed

Memory bandwidth falls behind

What does it mean? There is a growing gap between compute performance and memory performance. External memory bandwidth does not keep up with data processing needs.

A new solution is needed. One that bridges the memory-to-compute gap, allowing data-intensive workloads to sprint forward.


Closes the
compute-to-memory gap

Increasing compute speed does not accelerate the processing of data-intensive applications.
More memory bandwidth does.
The XRAM™ does.

Introducing the NeuroBlade XRAM™

A Whole New Approach
to Memory.

NeuroBlade XRAM™ is a DRAM memory with embedded processing logic. The processing elements are integrated near the memory banks, providing massively parallel execution at high bandwidth.

As a result, data-intensive workloads are now processed seamlessly, with far less data movement and much higher performance. It enables operations such as data comparison and manipulation, aggregations, filtering, and lookups to be dramatically accelerated.

Standard Aproach

  • High latency for relevant data
  • High power consumption

NeuroBlade Aproach

  • Bus is fully utilized with relevant data
  • x10 energy efficiency

The XRAM™ is now available.

Find out how it performs in your environment.

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